WELCOME TO PSORIFIXPsoriasis Symptoms Relief Cream

Psorifix is an all natural cream that quickly and effectively relieves the symptoms of psoriasis and soothes common skin irritations. It has a cooling effect, absorbs into the skin quickly and supplies it with vitamins and minerals.

Psorifix's formula is a powerful combination of many herbs and plants among which beeswax, white willow and silver birch extracts, prickly juniper and greater celandine extracts and tea tree oil. This special herbal selection makes Psorifix cream able to deeply moisturize the affected skin while completely eliminating the sensation of itching, scaling, redness and dryness.

Psorifix Psoriasis Symptoms Relief Cream is the preferred cream of over 4000 people suffering from psoriasis and other skin conditions. The high efficacy and long-term relief are among the reasons why people continue to trust Psorifix!